Article #546) VTS Community members from around the world

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

VTS Community,

In a blog post a few days ago I showed a chart of a world map and left it as a little teaser for something I'd circle back to. Many of you came up with some interesting guesses as to what it was showing, and a few of you even got it right. Since there's always so much curiosity about VTS and where all the members are from around the world, let's talk about that map.

The red highlighted areas show every country that active VTS Community members are from. The grey areas, we'll see if we can get them on board soon.

Active members from 56 countries worldwide now!

Now it should come as no surprise since we do exclusively trade the US markets, a little over half of our members are from the United States. And since I am a Canadian, I suppose that's the reason Canada is the 2nd most represented.

* 55.3% of VTS members are from the United States

But that's a pretty skewed image so we can also just remove the United States and you can see a little more even distribution among the rest of the world.

Countries with multiple subscribers:

United States: 55.3%

Canada: 6.4%

Australia: 3.7%

United Kingdom: 2.9%

Germany: 2.8%

Singapore: 2.2%

Israel: 2.2%

Switzerland: 2.0%

Spain: 1.8%

Hong Kong: 1.8%

Belgium: 1.7%

United Arab Emirates: 1.3%

Italy: 1.1%

Norway: 1.1%

Czech Republic: 0.9%

South Africa: 0.9%

Russia: 0.9%

China: 0.9%

Sweden: 0.7%

Netherlands: 0.6%

Slovakia: 0.6%

Finland: 0.6%

Austria: 0.6%

France: 0.4%

Slovenia: 0.4%

Japan: 0.4%

Romania: 0.4%

Portugal: 0.4%

And if you're on this next list below, it puts you in special company as it means you're the only representation from your country (currently only 1 member from these countries)





New Zealand























South Korea

Due to regulations, the vast majority of asset managers around the world can only help those in their local area. For me though, because I've chosen to operate with the subscription model, it's a privilege to have members from 56 countries around the world and I don't take the responsibility lightly.

I work hard every day to make sure the strategies are accessible to everyone, consistent over time and well protected during market crashes, with a healthy amount of supplemental education through articles and videos.

Thanks everyone, I truly appreciate each and every one of you. Have a great weekend!

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