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Why do investors hold their stocks when the market is crashing?  Why hold bonds or gold when the market is stable and moving higher?  Not all assets are suitable to hold at all times, and buy and hold investing doesn't work.  We need to be smarter if we want to succeed long-term.

We need to be Tactical!

At VTS, through data mining dozens of key Volatility metrics, we rotate into the positions and asset classes with the highest probability of success given the current market environment.

20% VTS Defensive Rotation Strategy

The VTS Defensive Rotation strategy tactically allocates only to the most advantageous asset class given current market conditions.  The Nasdaq index when markets are stable, Utilities during elevated risk, and full Cash for safety when markets are melting down.

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20% VTS Volatility Trend strategy

Volatility ETPs like VXX & UVXY decay long term.  The problem though for "Short Volatility" traders is that they are also risky and have huge price spikes during market crashes.  The VTS Volatility Trend strategy uses Broken Wing Butterflies to profit from the natural decay of the ETPs with very little upside risk.

20% VTS Strategic Tail Risk Strategy

With the risk of recession higher than it's been in many years, it's now more important than ever to have tail risk protection within a portfolio.  Our Strategic Tail Risk strategy utilizes Long Volatility positions to not only survive market crashes, but to thrive and profit from them.

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20% VTS Iron Condor strategy

Equity trading is binary, you're either long or short.  However, the VTS Iron Condor strategy uses market neutral Iron Condor and Calendar Option spreads to profit from non trending markets, which adds fantastic diversification to the overall VTS portfolio.

20% VTS Tactical Balanced Strategy

By holding equities in stable market conditions, but tactically rotating into safety Bonds and Gold positions in times of crisis, the VTS Tactical Balanced strategy has successfully kept drawdowns manageable since inception.

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