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Frequently asked questions

What forms of payment do you accept?

Paypal, and all major credit and debit cards When you click the subscribe button you will be given the choice to either log in to Paypal or pay directly with a card. * If you want to pay with credit card, you still click "check out with Paypal" and then after it will give you the option to pay solely with the credit card.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, if you are signed up for the monthly subscription and aren't pleased for any reason you can cancel your subscription with no questions asked. Either do that yourself via Paypal or credit card, or just email me directly and I will immediately cancel it for you upon request. That includes those who are on the free 2 week trial as well. You can easily cancel it before you are charged if it's not the right fit for you. Annual memberships are a substantial 20% discount, so refunds are not granted on annuals.

Will my monthly payments ever increase?

No, absolutely not. The price that you sign up for will remain your price for as long as you hold your subscription. So if you sign up for an 89$ per month or 849$ annual plan and in the future I raise my subscription fees, yours will never change! (shameless plug, but my subscriber base has grown substantially every year for the past 9+ years and I add new elements regularly so it's always a good time to lock in your payment level and it won't ever increase in the future)

What does membership include?

I'm not like other services that add pay walls at each additional level of service. I have one level only, and with that you get everything that I do. 1) All strategy trade signals for each of the strategies we have: - Tactical Balanced - Tactical Volatility - VB Threshold - Defensive Rotation - Vol Trend - Leveraged Tactical Balanced - Aggressive Vol - Leveraged VB Threshold - Leveraged Defensive Rotation 2) My daily blog 3) All Volatility Dashboard metrics every day 4) Access to private Q&A Livestreams every week 5) Full access to email support for all your questions And all future improvements and additions I make, you'll get all of that for your initial subscription price and I'll never increase it on you.

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