The Daily Email:

As a member of the VTS community, every day before 12:00 eastern time you will be getting a single email from me that includes all the current positions the strategies hold as well as any new signals they are pointing to.  This means if you choose to follow, you’ll have all the new daily trade signals before they are accounted for using end of day prices.  None of the old, here’s what I did after the fact nonsense that’s so common these days.

The VTS Indicators:


The VTS indicators are an easy to understand method of conveying the signals in my daily email to subscribers.  The needle will point to the only possible positions my trading strategies will ever take:

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Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 2.45.26 PM.jpg
SCREEN SHOT 2019-11-30 AT 8.33.43 PM.jpe

This is NOT Day Trading:


None of my strategies are very active, so most of the time you will just read the email and go on about your usual day.  It’s extremely easy to follow my strategies as each only changes positions a few times per month on average.

* Can easily be managed in about 5-10 minutes a day


  • The VTS Tactical Balanced strategy averages 2.9 trades per month.

  • The VTS Tactical Volatility strategy averages 2.5 trades per month

  • The VTS VB Threshold strategy averages 5.7 trades per month

  • The VTS Defensive Rotation strategy averages 2.8 trades per month

  • VTS Options is a dedicated service for those who want more options content!

  • VTS Options averages 8 trades per month



Executing Trades:


On the days when trades are required, you may open your trading software and execute the trades yourself.  If you need assistance with that, most brokers these days have very good customer service and they will be able to walk you through the execution.



  • Margin accounts are the easiest to work with, but cash accounts are also acceptable.  If you are using a margin account you can execute trades any time of day, but if you choose you can also use MOC “market on close” orders as well.  It’s not required, but I personally record the daily signals using end of day prices so if you want to be consistent with that you may choose to do so.


  • If you are trading in Cash accounts, you may input your trades manually at any time throughout the day.  We’re all very busy so honestly whenever is most convenient for you will work just fine.  The small differences in execution prices throughout the day should balance out over time.

  • IRA style tax sheltered accounts are in most cases allowed for the ETP strategies, but naturally there may be a few exceptions so check with your broker for more information.  Our Tactical Balanced Strategy and our Volatility Strategies only trade long ETPs  (and long only single leg options for the Tactical Volatility)  so most structures should be fine.




             Example of a typical “Daily Trade Signals” email:



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