VTS VB Threshold strategy

This strategy is a direct reflection of all my top volatility metrics combined.  Transparent, interactive, and hugely successful at avoiding drawdowns during difficult markets.

* YouTube videos can't be edited so some information in there may be outdated.  Please default to the information on this website or the VTS Daily Trade Signal emails. 

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Strategy signals from the daily email are accounted for using end of day prices

  • Adjusted for dividends where applicable.

  • Simulated results on a hypothetical 25,000$ account

  • More information on the Vanguard VBINX can be found here

Statistics from January 2011 through Nov 2021

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Since I get so many questions about whether there are possible replacements to the ETFs that the VB Threshold strategy uses, I created this 5 part video series discussing them.

20 - 40% Volatility Barometer range:

<--- Possible ZIV replacement:   Short VXX through Options  (stock replacement)

40 - 60% Volatility Barometer range:

<--- No viable SPY replacements

60 - 80% Volatility Barometer range:

<--- Possible TLT replacement:   GLD Gold

80 - 100% Volatility Barometer range:

<--- Possible VXZ replacement:   GLD Gold

0 - 20% Volatility Barometer range:

<--- Possible TLT replacement:   GLD Gold

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