Article #549) Exciting things happening at VTS in the next few months!

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

VTS Community,

Today I'm introducing the VTS Volatility Barometer (video down below) and the start of what will likely be about 20 metrics to fill out the Volatility Dashboard. After much deliberation I did decide to go the slower educational route, making sure there's at least some introduction to the metrics before putting it out there.  Some in the community will know what they are already, but I would say many  (perhaps most of you)  will not so I hope it's a good addition to your investing toolbox and serves you as well in your own investing as they have with mine.  And of course, some of the more interesting ones will also have follow up discussions and supplementary videos so there's plenty to talk about and learn over the next several months.  It'll be fun!

Sneak peak of what's being added to existing daily blogs and trading strategy signals:

Anybody who's followed me over the years is well aware of my workaholic nature and philosophy of always trying to overdeliver and give the best possible product.  Money is not easy to earn in this world and none of us should be quick to give it up.  I respect your time and money and I definitely want to make your investment in my service worth it for you.  More than worth it.  I want people to think WOW, I can't believe he offers all this  :)  

Every daily email (sent before 12:00 ET) is broken down into 3 sections:

  1)  Proven strategies that are easy to follow.  I hope it goes without saying that the actual strategies are the cornerstone of what I do and always will be.  The vast majority of the investment world gets a terrible rate of return and it would take a novel to explain all the ways the financial industry has let down the average investor.  I'm not a financial advisor, but if people trust me and believe in the long-term process, I'm confident I can get everybody to the finish line and take top spot on the podium in this marathon that is investing.  

2)  Market commentary and investing education.  With almost 100 videos now  (and trust me, 100's more coming) and I don't even know how many articles, I try to steer people in the right direction and help them make better financial decisions.  Whether that's daily action in the markets, putting the fiscal and monetary policy backdrop in perspective, or helping isolate common emotional biases people fall victim too and help them avoid the pitfalls of investing, I'm here to help and will continue to burn the midnight oil to deliver.

3)  Volatility Dashboard.  Now with the coming addition of the volatility metrics dashboard, there's no limit to how much it can help people in the rest of their investing.  I understand that some within the VTS community do actually use me as the primary source for their portfolio and that's great, I don't take my responsibility lightly.  But there's also some that branch off in other areas as well, perhaps do a little self directed tinkering on strategies of their own.  Getting a glimpse into the metrics that I deem important for myself may greatly assist your own work.  

I strive to be the go to place for investors looking to finally start getting a better long-term rate of return, and also get the kind of education that most others out there keep behind steep pay walls and a "dangling carrot" business model.

I try to remain humble in life, and in my work, but I have to say I'm very proud of the VTS community I've built and will continue to expand upon it.  Thank you to everyone who's supported me over the years and enjoyed the service.  Bigger and better things are on the horizon my friends!

Step aside VIX index!  There's a new sheriff in town!

Introducing the VTS Volatility Barometer

Daily trade signals: No new trades today

VTS Tactical Balanced Strategy:

Currently Long MDY Stocks    (since Mar. 28, 2019)

Today's Signal:  NO NEW TRADE

Maintain current MDY position

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Choose the volatility strategy that matches your risk tolerance -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

VTS Conservative Vol Strategy:

*  Volatility Strategy for investors with lower risk tolerance

Currently long ZIV     (since Apr 1, 2019)

Today's Signal:  NO NEW TRADE

Maintain current ZIV position

VTS Aggressive Vol Strategy:

*  Volatility strategy for investors with higher risk tolerance

Currently Long SVXY     (since Mar. 11, 2019)

Today's Signal:  NO NEW TRADE

Maintain current SVXY position

VTS Tactical Volatility Strategy:

*  Volatility strategy using stock replacement through options

Currently Long VXXB Puts     (since Mar. 28, 2018)

Today's Signal:  NO NEW TRADE

Maintain current 21 June 19' VXXB 40.00 Put position

* remember 1 option contract per 3000$ of available capital

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to use a paper trade account to learn about options --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

VTS Discretionary Strategy:

25,000 Model Portfolio reset annually   (current:  25,087.37)

Currently in 2 positions

Today's Signal:  NO NEW TRADE

Maintain current position #40 Maintain current position #41

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